What Motivates YouTubers

The main thing that motivates YouTubers is the joy of making videos for a living to entertain audiences. The other motivators are having the ability upload videos as a full-time job, whereas it is also as flexible as the YouTuber chooses in deciding wtime-management-big-cartoon_1.pnghen he or she would like to upload their videos and lastly they can be themselves and not have to pretend to be anyone else.

Tips from Christian and Answers from Interview

The best tips Christian said where:

  • Be passionate and if you want subscribers don’t do trends because so many people make trends, that the people who watch don’t subscribe and trend do get you views.
  • The cost of productions cost between 5 to 20 thousand dollars if you do a skits and thats like the best quality but if you do a vlog just bring a normal camera.
  • It takes 4 hour to edit a video but it depends on how much footage you have.
  • YouTube is my full time job because I have enough followers and views for YouTube to be my full time job.


Visiting Young Hollywood Studio

I also went to a place in California to do a visit it was called Young Hollywood it was a studio of these people interviewing actors some times they go to the set of movies or TV shows. They had a editing studio and that was amazing the editing studio had more than 5 computers to edit with and this was all in a hotel room well in to hotel rooms.